How To Study English With Fairy Tales

Who did not enjoy a fairy tale or more during their childhood? Every child has a favorite fairy tale that they know by heart until they grow old. But did you know that you can use fairy tales to study or even to teach English? This has been a proven technique and is being used by educators and tutors. A child can easily study English through fairy tales, and this should be with the help of a parent, tutor, or teacher. With fairy tales, you can help a child easily study English and become good at it in terms of reading, comprehension, and even speaking. There are some tips to follow to use fairy tales in studying English.

Tips to Study English with Fairy Tales

1. Listen to the story
If the learner is a kid, you can help by reading the story aloud. This will let them listen to the story first and somehow have an idea of what the story is. The kid will imagine the scenes as you read it and remember how the story goes.
2. Understand the story
In order for the kid to understand the story in their own language, you have to explain it further. Though they have an idea of how the story goes, you have to use their language in explaining so their comprehension will be improved as they read the fairy tale.
3. Repeat lines
The kid should be able to say lines in the story. This will help you practice their English speaking and the proper tone to use. Let the kid join you in the story-telling so they will get used to speaking English.
4. Read the story aloud
The kid should be able to read the story in English. This will help them in speaking English while letting the story flow in their imagination as to how you read it to them.
5. Practice
With your guidance, you can let the kid practice reading the fairy tale over and over. Once they have fully understood and are able to tell the story without reading the book, this means that they understand English better and can speak the language effectively.
6. Choose another fairy tale
You can let the kid choose another fairy tale to read and understand. This will help their minds get used to reading, speaking, and understanding English.
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