How to Write a Fairy Tale

All of us loved listening to our parents, who read the fairy tales to us. They have some unique charm that makes us love them even in adulthood. Fairy tales are written for children because they tell about the adventures of fictional characters in fictional worlds. The reasons that might have pushed you to start writing your own fairy tale are numerous. Some parents want to write a fairy tale to read it to their child and please him or her. Besides, many schools and college curricula presuppose that students should create their own fairy tale with a unique plot.
If you're a student and want to get assistance with writing it, you may address our academic writing service. We do your assignment according to your requirements to ensure the high grade and high overall performance. However, no one prevents you from doing it on your own, especially since the fairy tale doesn't have strict rules. Follow these steps, and you'll read your own novel soon.

1. Decide on the moral of your story

Children often don't know that the fairy tale isn't the entertainment. Any fairy tale contains moral that makes it irreplaceable educational tool. The reader of your fairy tale should draw the lesson after reading it; otherwise, it's not the fairytale. You may find some moral stories on the internet and write your own on the basis of it, without copypasting plot. If you have enough inspiration, using additional sources of it isn't necessary for you.

2. Create the main characters

It’s the most important stage of writing. Any fairy tale contains the confrontation of good character and villain, so you should remember about this rule. There are several types of characters that may be used as positive characters or villains, such as animal, magical, royal, and so on. A protagonist should be honest, kind, and willing to sacrifice himself or herself for the sake of others. If you want your composition to be perfect, pay enough time to this stage and carefully think about the characters.

3. Figure out a setting

Deciding where does the action takes place is also essential. You're free to choose any setting you want; there are also no precise rules for it. Settings set the tone for further narration, so if you describe it negatively, the story will seem scarier and vice versa. Some fairy tales reflect the real world, whereas others take place in magical worlds, and it's hard to define what option is better.

4. Invent the plot

You've undoubtedly thought about the events that would take place at the very beginning of your writing. When you finished creating your characters and setting, pay attention to the plot, and make the first draft. Create several obstacles for your characters that will lead them to the end. The scheme shouldn't be too complicated; remember that you're writing for children who can't perceive a large amount of information.

5. End your story

There's no general agreement on what end is better: happy or sad. But we advise you to choose a happy ending and describe how your characters defeated the villain to teach your child that kindness will always triumph.
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